Glare Testing Defined

Cataracts are known to cause reduced vision and disabling glare. Lack of adequate documentation of this visual impairment in patients with cataracts may result in denial for coverage of cataract surgery. EpiGlare offers a standardized repeatable approach to measuring and documenting glare disability with best corrected vision. Download our data sheet or visit our EpiGlare website for videos and more information.

EpiGlare® Single Phoropter Kit EpiGlare® Binocular Phoropter Kit EpiGlare® Handheld Desk Kit
Kit contains one testing unit, one phoropter bracket, 2 batteries and one wall charger. The testing unit sits on the bracket, which can easily be attached to the phoropter rod or a desk top. Kit contains two testing units, two phoropter brackets, four batteries and two wall chargers. Allows you to test for glare disability binocularly. Kit contains one testing unit, one handle and stand, two batteries and one wall charger. The testing unit can be removed from the handle and placed in the phoropter; no additional attachment is necessary.
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Two Batteries and Charger Phoropter Bracket Handle and Stand
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