Instrument Breath Shields

Optego manufactures a variety of Breath Shields, reusable or disposable.

Parallel Optics Convergent Optics Universal
Fits over eye pieces on most slit lamps with parallel optics (Zeiss, Marco IV and similar). Reusable (clear acrylic) / Disposable (polyethylene). Specifically designed for slit lamps with convergent optics (Haag-Streit 900 and similar). Reusable (clear acrylic) / Disposable (polyethylene). Fits most slit lamps. Reusable (clear acrylic) / Disposable (polyethylene).
Zeiss, Topcon, Marco IV Pupillometer
Specifically designed for Zeiss, Topcon, Marco IV slit lamps and similar. Reusable (clear acrylic) / Disposable (polyethylene). An adhesive clip holds the shield securely on the pupillometer. Disposable (polyethylene).

Professional Distribution Network

We have partnered with a number of ophthalmic and optometric distributors to supply the medical community.

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