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Surgical Drape Support Phoropter Near Vision Rod Red/Green Reversible Glasses
The drape support keeps the drape away from the patient's nose and mouth during surgical procedures, allowing them to breathe much easier. 10-5/8" x 1-5/8". Non-sterile, latex free adhesive. Single use only. Holds phoropter clip with near vision card Use these handy glasses to switch eyes between red and green. Chrome frame.
Item #98501, 20/pkg Item #93692 Item #9397
Red/Green Glasses, adult Red/Green Glasses, child Barraquer Wire Speculum
Black plastic frame. Choose from 1 or 2 pair. Set with 2 pair has one frame with red lens on left and green lens on right, and the other frame is reversed. Colored plastic frame. Frame color may vary. Solid blades, adult size, matte finish. Reusable. 14 mm blade width, 19 mm blade spread.
Item #93101, 1 pair Item #93748, 2 pair Item #9375 Item #8207
Liquid Pump Dispenser Eye Model with Muscles Eye Model
7.6 fl. oz. (225 ml) Excellent for dispensing isopropyl alcohol. The clear bottle allows for fluid level visibility. Unique push design, preventing cross contamination. Detailed 2 inch eye model showing 6 extra-ocular muscles, lacrimal gland and full range of parts of the eye. Front hinged. Fully assembled mounted on a solid plastic base. Highly detailed eye model, dissectible into 6 parts; top section, vitreous body, bottom section, lens, iris and cornea. Mounted on a plastic stand.
Item #9949 Item #93901 Item #93900, Small
3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 4-3/8"
Item #93902, Large
5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 6-1/4"

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