Optego® Stick-on Prisms

Manufactured in the USA with our Clear Prism® Technology Protocol

Optego Prisms are made from a silicone-like material and attach very easily to eye glasses. The prisms are thin and flexible, even at the higher diopters. Easy to cut, each prism is fully usable with no perforations – 30% more surface area than competing products! Download our data sheet for more information.

Item #Diopter
93500011 Diopter
93500022 Diopter
93500033 Diopter
93500044 Diopter
93500055 Diopter
93500066 Diopter
93500077 Diopter
93500088 Diopter
93500099 Diopter
Item #Diopter
935001010 Diopter
935001212 Diopter
935001515 Diopter
935017517.5 Diopter
935002020 Diopter
935002525 Diopter
935003030 Diopter
935003535 Diopter

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