Ortopad® Occlusion Eye Patches

OrtopadĀ® Hypo-allergenic occlusion eye patches are used in orthoptic treatment of amblyopia and strabismus. Made from a soft, air permeable bamboo material, each patch has a special light protection inlay and a highly compatible “hotmelt” adhesive. All OrtopadĀ® patches are latex-free with no preservatives, rubber or resin, which means they can be used on a daily basis even with sensitive skin.

For more information on the material and adhesive, visit our retail website. Our website also has great motivational tips, activities to download and much more. You can also download our data sheet.

Try our OrtopadĀ® Patching Reward Posters to help motivate reluctant patchers. Available in bright, colorful designs with several to choose from. Regular and Medium size patches on one side, Junior size on the other. When the poster is complete, the child can present to the physician or the parent for a reward, then hang the poster in their room so they can admire their accomplishment. Download our data sheet or visit our retail website.

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