Distributor Optego® Stick-on Prisms

This product is available through our distribution network.

Optego® Stick-on Prisms attach very easily to eye glasses and are made from a very flexible silicone-like material.  Each prism is simple to cut and has 30% more surface area than other competing products, and is packaged in a convenient stackable plastic container.  Made in the USA and conforms to European Standards (CE).

When purchasing quantities of 6 of an individual diopter, the prisms will be packaged in a dispensing box.

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  • Clearer image
  • Superior optical qualities, no yellowing
  • Very flexible, no stiffening
  • Thin prisms at all Diopter powers
  • Base and Diopter power clearly marked on each prism
  • Easy to cut, multiple uses for each prism
  • Comes in stackable, protective plastic containers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Conforms to European Standards (CE)

Optego® Stick-on Prisms, or Fresnel Prisms, can be used to treat various vision conditions, including:

  • Phorias 
  • Nystagmus 
  • Convergence insufficiency 
  • Ocular motor nerve palsies 
  • Hemianopia 
  • Thyroid ophthalmopathy 
  • Visual rehabilitation 

Each prism measures 2-1/2" x 2-7/8" (65 x 73mm) without perforations and are fully useable.