Ortopad® Bamboo for Girls with Ghosts, 50/box

This product is available in the US only.
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The Ortopad® Bamboo Eye Patches are made from a soft, air-permeable, eco-friendly bamboo material with a protective inlay for maximum elimination of outside light. The adhesive is hypo-allergenic, pressure-sensitive, and uses the body's own heat for adherence ("hot-melt"). The patches are latex-free, without preservatives, allowing daily use even with sensitive skin.

Each box contains 50 patches, individually wrapped.

Ortopad® patches are made in Italy, and conform to European Standards (CE).

Ortopad® Bamboo Patches for Girls with Ghosts have 5 different designs (10 of each):

  • Ghosts (glow-in-the-dark)
  • Butterfly
  • Owls
  • Cheetah Print
  • Pink Horses

Each box of patches includes application instructions.

All Ortopad® Bamboo Eye Patches are developed with the participation of children. Different designs with large and small elements, or simple white and beige colored patches offer a wide variety. In addition, each patch has two nasal slits for a better fit.

Ortopad® patches are used for the treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye).

Three sizes (Junior, Medium and Regular) guarantee an optimal fit for every age group.

  • Junior size (2-5/8″ x 1-31/32″ or 67 x 50 mm): Ages up to 2
  • Medium size (2-63/64″ x 2-1/8″ or 76 x 54 mm): Ages 2 to 4
  • Regular size (3-11/32″ x 2-5/16″ or 85 x 59 mm): Ages 4 and up

For optimal adhesion:

  • Ensure the skin around the eye is dry and clean before applying the Ortopad® eye patch.
  • Remove the wrapper and paper backing, and have the child close his/her eyelids slightly to relax facial muscles and avoid wrinkles.
  • Place the patch over the eye, pointing the narrow side towards the nose. The slits help to flatten the patch against the nose, keeping the patch from interfering with glasses. Refrain from stretching either the patch or the skin.
  • To ensure a secure fit, lightly rub over the adhesive to bring up to body temperature.
  • To remove the patch, peel gently, starting at the nose, stretching the skin slightly with your fingers.

Shipping per case is $25.00 via FedEx Ground.

  • 60 boxes = 1 case of Medium or Regular
  • 72 boxes = 1 case of Junior

Individual boxes are shipped FedEx Ground based on the weight of the package.